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BEPS Expert

Become an international BEPS expert and limit your risks with this 5-day top-level training on the latest OECD BEPS challenges

BEPS Expert – mode of study

Option 1: 5-day public training
Option 2: In-company training

BEPS Expert – limit your risks by becoming an international BEPS Expert!

Tax avoidance is getting much attention these days. The OECD has created 15 specific BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) Actions to fight tax avoidance and evasion. One of the main principles OECD currently promotes is that taxation has to take place where value is created. As a consequence, domestic tax laws and the implication of many tax treaties will have to change.

International tax professionals have to become familiar with these changes. Even if your company or client is based in a country that hardly participates in OECD BEPS, the country of the subsidiary, partner or sister company probably will participate in OECD BEPS. Missing out on these developments is not just a planning risk, but also a liability risk and in some countries it can even become a criminal risk. The lack of clarity around the implementation of the BEPS Action plan by countries is invariably leading to a world of unavoidable tax disputes. These are all reasons why you should become a BEPS Expert to limit your risk.

BEPS Expert – the latest on BEPS/UN/EU

The United Nations (UN) has an approach which deals with base erosion and profit shifting as well. Its approach is to a certain extent comparable, but not equal to the OECD approach. The European Union (EU) also claims its position in this debate. Missing out on these developments might lead to double or triple taxation. Liabilities for tax advisers, who still recommend tax planning under the old rules, will arise.

In this top-level training, the most important actions of the BEPS project as well as the EU Action Plan and UN tax developments will be discussed. The instructors will provide you with the latest updates on profit allocation Permanent Establishments (PE); Mandatory Dispute Resolution (MDR); the Multilateral Instrument (MLI); Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) rules and best practices; hybrid structures; harmful tax practices and the Nexus approach; triangular cases, the current status of state aid and taxation, the EU Parent Subsidiary Directive; anti-abuse; EU ATAD 1 and ATAD 2; etc.

BEPS Expert – for who?

This unique international BEPS Expert training is meant for every international tax manager/tax director, tax adviser or tax inspector, transfer pricing manager, controller, tax accountant and tax lawyer who wants to develop distinctive expertise on the highest possible level with regard to the newest top BEPS challenges.

BEPS Expert – minimum entry level

5 Years of working experience in an international (tax) environment is desirable to fully benefit from this top-level BEPS training and to be a challenging sparring partner for your fellow students.

BEPS Expert – CPE credits

The BEPS Expert training qualifies for CPE credits pursuant to the rules of numerous professional associations in a great number of countries. Please check with your professional association(s) in your country to determine if and how many CPE-credits you will receive when following this intensive BEPS Expert training.

BEPS Expert – level of the training

The BEPS Expert training will be held on a postgraduate level.

BEPS Expert – number of attendees

Because the BEPS Expert training is highly interactive and participants are expected to take an active role by sharing their experiences, the number of participants is limited. Please book your seat in time or make a reservation!


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BEPS Expert – in-company

Do you prefer the BEPS Expert training to be customized to your organisation? The in-house BEPS Expert training:

  • saves you (travelling) time and accommodation cost;
  • enables you to study in the comfort of your own working environment;
  • can take place at a time chosen by and convenient for you;
  • sensitive issues can be openly discussed because there are no outsiders; and
  • can be arranged for groups of 5 people or more.

For more information on this BEPS Expert training, the in-house possibilities or for any other question, please contact us at +31 (0)40 246 02 20 or send an e-mail to info@imfacademy.com.



International Tax – Status of today

  • OECD BEPS, EU Action Plan, UN Tax Developments
  • BEPS Actions: overview
  • Action 7: Permanent Establishments (PE)
  • Action 14: Mandatory Dispute Resolution (MDR)
  • Action 15: Multilateral Instrument (MLI)

BEPS – Update on new developments

  • OECD, UN, EU, IMF, World Bank, etc.: competencies
  • Action 6: Anti-abuse
  • Action 3: Best practices Controlled Foreign Company (CFC)
  • EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD 1 and ATAD 2)
  • Global tax controversy; OECD vs UN perspective

BEPS – Update on new developments

  • EU Parent Subsidiary Directive
  • Action 2: Hybrid Structures
  • Specific BEPS elements like harmful tax practices and Nexus approach
  • Action 13: Analyzing Country-by-Country Reporting (CbyCR), common issues and approaching a Value Chain Analysis (VCA)

BEPS – Update on new developments

  • Actions 8-10: Transfer Pricing developments, intangibles
  • Permanent Establishments (PE), perspective OECD, UN (incl. technical services)
  • Taxing the digital economy
  • Liability intermediates for tax avoidance

BEPS – Update on new developments

  • Profit allocation Permanent Establishments (PE)
  • Triangular cases post-BEPS
  • State aid and taxation, the discussions and the current status

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Your highly acclaimed instructors are all international tax specialists and leading BEPS Experts. The BEPS training is under the auspices of:

Prof. dr. Hans van den Hurk
Hans van den Hurk - IMF AcademyHans van den Hurk is an international tax policy specialist, international tax litigator and OECD/UN BEPS specialist. Hans is a professor in international and European tax law at the University of Maastricht (the Netherlands) and also lectures at universities in Belgium, the UK, Lithuania, Italy, Taiwan, Peru, Chile and many other countries. Before his appointment as a professor he served as an international tax partner with Deloitte, Andersen and PwC.

Hans' main focus is on global developments within the OECD (BEPS), the UN (special treaty provisions and interpretations), the EU (tackle harmful taxation) and specific related developments like BRICS and the role of NGO's with respect to tax structuring. Hans is a well-known publicist who writes about these topics for magazines from all over the world.

Start date(s)

The BEPS Expert training consists of 5 days. All trainings days start at 09.00 hrs and will end at approx. 17.00 hrs. The BEPS Expert training will take place in Amsterdam on the following dates:

Please keep an eye on our website for new course dates or request a brochure so we can inform you about our current course planning!

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Fee / Registration

The fee for the BEPS Expert training is € 5,980 (VAT excl.) per person. The fee includes all lunches, coffee/tea and documentation.

Step 1/4: Your selection *

Participant cancellation
Participants may be substituted without further cost, provided notice is given in writing. Should you wish to cancel the BEPS Expert training, you can do so until 30 days before the start of the BEPS Expert training. We will invoice 10% of the training fee for administration costs. For cancellations between 30 and 15 days before the start of the training, we will charge 50% of the training fee. If you cancel within 15 days before the start of the BEPS Expert training, you have to pay 100% of the training fee. All cancellations must be received in writing.
Payment of the BEPS Expert training must be received within 30 days of the invoice date, though always before the start of the BEPS Expert training.